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Main Page

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ERASMUS K229 2019-2021




 Welcome to our Site












After a vote among pupils from corporate schools, the Spanish school Logo was awarded.

Congratulations to the Spanish school and to all the schools involved in the process of creating

the official logo of the project. 

See the photos by clicking here 










Wishes and Romanian traditions by Romanian students! 


Press here to see more on page of Romania



Virtual exhibition about our project by Italian partners. 



Press here to see the page of Italy


Press here to see more on emaze









                                                                                                                                                                                                              See more cards



Video conference on the course of the Erasmus 2019-21 project

1rst of December 2020




We held the meeting of the Erasmus part of our project with our partners.  We decided to carry out our local activities with our children via e Twinning.  In this special process, we will continue to communicate and motivate our students with distance education activities and entertaining activities.



DATE:01 December 2020
HOUR: 15:00 Turkey time
PARTICIPANTS: Emel PEKTAŞ-Hasan OKTAN (Project Coordinatör,TURKEY)
Elisa Martinez CUENCA-Juan David Pernias Ayuso (SPAİN)

Meeting Subjects and Resolutions
1-The fact that all schools were closed due to the pandemic process hampered the project activities. LTT activities could not be carried out, postponed to 2021. For this reason, it was discussed whether all activities should be carried out virtually or the project duration was extended by 1 year. All partners agreed to extend the project duration by 1 year. They will send the extension acceptance e-mail regarding the subject to the project coordinator and the coordinator will initiate the necessary process and take works.

2- It has been decided to actively use the eTwinning platform where the local activities of the project are carried out, and to share the work done on the project, school websites and social media accounts. In particular, it has been decided that P activities in the Erasmus + project will be carried out by working online with children in the eTwinning environment and shared in the necessary fields. This month there will be a new year celebration cards work, due to the pandemic process the cards will be shared via eTwinning, e-mail and social media.

3- Greece, which manages the website, will make the website more organized and organize a website that will allow each partner to share. Our Greece partner will carefully monitor the current use of the website.

4- The facebook and blog pages of the project will be actively used by all partners, and they will support the dissemination of the project and the benefit of more people from its achievements.

5- The children's games and hobbies book and the e book will be completed with the joint creation of the contents in the Ltt activities within the extended period of the project.

6- Once the national agency of the coordinator country approved the extension of the project for 1 year, it was decided to hold an online meeting again for a new planning.





A total of 20 teachers from the partner country school participated in the activity.

Day 1: Welcoming, acquaintance. Project Introduction and Information Meeting was held.

Day 2: Migration Phenomenon and Migration Psychology Seminar and Survey Study, '' SİLLE REGION '' where different civilizations live and different worship centers are located

3rd Day: Educational Activities Evaluation Meeting was held with the Immigrant Students of Participating Countries, student activities were watched together.

4th Day: Project Poster Design, '' LOVE AND TOLERANCE '' Themed Mevlana 's Death Anniversary Participation (Seb-i Arus Ceremonies)

Day 5: Workshop on Different and New Approaches in the Education of Immigrant Students, Project Diary Studies, Closing

 Read & see More.......



ERASMUS K229 2019-2021




 The Project Summary        

In recent years, migrations from east to west have increased rapidly for various reasons.Linguistic imcompetence, economical  problems, school attendance problems make it difficult for  them to adapt to school and society. We think that all these problems can be solved permanently with professional attitudes and skills by the aid of human values. As the teachers of the participating country schools, we know that if we cannot take these students in elementary school and incorporate them into the education system, someone will replace. Ignoring these kids stuck between two cultures, the future of these children means compromise for countries. For this reason, we want to combine what we know and our efforts and see what we can achieve with stronger approaches, to share, to be a source and guide the students  in our schools and environment. First of all the project named 'We can do this together,' we are pursuing active with different partners from Turkey.In this Project  we want to improve the sense of feeling of the society in which our children are experiencing with the condition of preserving their own cultures and languages, to accelerate their social and cultural harmony, to ensure their attendance to school. The aim of the course is to enable teachers to gain a strong, uninterested, accepting and positive outlook on multiculturalism.

We believe that it is a very strong learning experience by working in collaboration with colleagues from different countries, sharing their knowledge and experiences. We are in constant communication with the participating countries in this planning phase. We found our partners on the E twinning portal from the partner discovery form we published. Our partnership criteria are primary school, having immigrant students, working as an experienced, willing and collaborative teacher group working with immigrant students in their schools. We started our partnership with country schools in accordance with these criteria. Whats up group is created for instant communication. E-mail media is used for official correspondence and document sharing. An attitude survey was applied to the all  teachers in partner schools. According to the results, 90% of the immigrant students had adaptation problems and 50% of them experienced language problems. 5 LTT and 15 P activities are planned in the last 2 years.

With the planning made;

TURKEY- Zeki Altındağ Elementary School: Planning, school coordinator is responsible for organization and communication. Immigration phenomenon, Migration Psychology Education seminar, E-twinning project.


ROMANIA-Alexandru Loan Cuza: will prepare the subject of Language Education in Immigrant Students. They will prepare the project logo and advertisement t-shirts.


GREECE-3rd Tirnavos Elementary School: They will prepare immigrant students with art-hobbies. They will create and manage the website. They will be responsible for creating and sharing the 'Children's Games and Hobbies' book.


ITALY-2. Garibaldi Department of Education: Students will prepare the subject of Sports and Games Activities in the Compliance of Migrant Students. They will manage their Facebook page and share their video games.


SPAIN-Ceip Andres Garcia Soler: It will prepare the subject of Inclusive Education. We know that evaluation and dissemination activities are important for the success of the project.


One person from the coordinator school will coordinate the evaluation and dissemination. Evaluation process; pre-survey, final questionnaire, individual and group evaluation reports, final report, self-assessment and peer review. In the dissemination studies, E-twinning page, web site, web pages of schools, local and social media will be used as active and up-to-date. Our most important responsibilities are spreading  the project ,creating awareness, being a source and guideand revealing the sustainable aspects after the project is completed.After completion, our project will be updated in E-twinning for 2 years. As educators, we know that even a single student is a very valuable achievement for the future. No matter what language, religion, race, every child is one, special and tomorrow's adult. All children on Earth are born with the same purity and the same rights. It is the primary school where the foundation of the consciousness of being a good person is laid. Touching the heart and life of every child encountered here is the job of the teachers’ professional and their conscientious responsibility . If the Project is accepted the summary of our project will be shared on Dissemination Platform.



                       We can achieve together - Monthly activities

           MONTHLY PROJECT PLAN 2020-2021 UPDATE IN ENGLISH DUE TO COVID-19   Press here to get it


- Preparing E- Twinning Project. (TURKEY – ROMANIA)

- Establishment of the Project website.  (GREECE)

- Project website, school web pages and presentation of projects in local and social media.(All partner countries)

- Updating and using the facebook page.(ITALY)



- Start working  the E Twinning projcet actively. (All partner countries)

- Preparation introduction boards of project. (All partner countries)

- İdentification of participant teachers who will attend country educations. (All partner countries)

- Implementation the survey attitude to the teachers and the immigrant students. ( TURKEY- All partner countries)



- Preparation of the boards of immigrant students’  cultural and artistic works  and drawings and  sharing  them in school wep page and E – Twinning.  (All partner countries)

- Work project logo in partner country schools.(ROMANIA)

- Preparing the logo t-shirt. (ROMANIA)

-Doing  preparation and information  meeting to the teachers who will attend the education  in Turkey. (ROMANIA- GREECE - SPAIN - ITALY)



-  C1 Turkey education, immigration event, immigration psyhology education, love, respect and tolerance  education.

- Introducing  and disseminating works  of Turkey Education in media, social media and web page.  (All partner countries)

- Determination the content of kid games and the hobbies book . (GREECE)

- Determination the content of e- book. (SPAIN)

- Determination the content of project diary. (TURKEY)



- Preparing the new year celebrations cards and sending. (All partner countries)


MARCH -2020

- Songs, poetry and theatre presentations in all partner  counrty schools  with the mixed group of immigrant students  and the other students. (All partner countries)

-Doing preparation and introduction meeting to the teachers who will attend the Romania Education.  ( GREECE –ITALY- SPAIN -TURKEY )


APRIL – 2020

Romania Education ‘‘Language Education to the Immigrant Students.’’

 - Determination  the content of kid games and the hobbies book. (GREECE)

 - Determination the content of e- book. (SPAIN)

- Determination the content of project diary. (TURKEY)


MAY – 2020

- Evaluation of the Romania education and the project works with WEBINAR. (All partner countries)

- Aid campaign arrangement to the immigrant students who needs. (All partner countries)


JUNE – 2020

- Doing nature trips, picnics and camps in all partner countries and sharing  the activity visuals. (All partner countries)

- Preparation  and information meeting on Greece Education. (All partner countries)



 - Greece Education ‘‘ Hobby making techniques to the immigrant  students  by art “

- Sharing of education activities.

- Determination of the content of kid games and hobbies book.(GREECE)

- Determination   the content of e- book. (SPAIN)

- Determination the content of project diary content . (TURKEY)


OCTOBER – 2020

- Activating the new E-Twinning Project and start to work .

- Painting about immigrations and school, exhibition  and sharing the exhibition videos. (All partner countries)



- Arranging trips to historical and cultural sites with mixed student  groups of each school. (All partner countries)

- Sharing of visuals related to the event on local and social  media and the project website. (All partner countries)


JANUARY – 2021

- Sharing of new year celebration cards between students and teachers.(All partner countries)

-Doing  preparation and information meeting on Italy Education.(GREECE-ROMANIA-SPAIN-TURKEY)



- Sports and games activities in the harmony of  immigrant students education .

- Completing  of kid games and hobbies book.(GREECE)

-Determining the content of e book.(SPAIN)

- Determination of the project diary content.(TURKEY)

-Sharing of Italy educatıon activities in the project website, local and social media.


MARCH- 2021

Traditional kid games of  each country will be played with mixed student groups, sharing the game videos with other countries and  publishing them on the web, inlocal and social media.


APRIL- 2021

-April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day will be celebrated with different activities in country schools  and celebration videos will be shared.


MAY- 2021

-Organizing a sports tournament in group sports with mixed teams of immigrants  and other students at schools,  awarding the winning team,sharing the whole process in the project web page and the social media.(All partner countries)

-Preparation and informational meetings meetings for Education of Spain to the participant teachers.(ITALY-ROMANIA-GREECE-TURKEY)



-Education of  Spain “INCLUSIVE EDUCATION”

-Completion of the project diary.(TURKEY)

-Completion the activity of e book.(SPAIN)

-Preparation of the final report.(All partner countries)

-Identifying the sustainable aspects of the project and developing common attıtudes.(All partner countries)







  2019 - 2020: First Year's Mobility and Activities


Programme EVENTS (Each partner will apply that schedule in their own country)


- Acceptance of the project will be announced at each partner school. The project will be promoted on local and social media, and the website of the project will be created and managed by the Greek school. Each partner school will actively work to promote the project in its own school and environment.


The Project that is suppossed to be conducted in parallel with "We can do it together," e-twinning projects will be activated in Turkey. Project partners and different partners will start working on the project.

The e-twinning platform will be used effectively in our project to recognize new approaches in the field of education, to cooperate with the institutions involved in this field, to plan and carry out activities, to feel the exciting learning communities abroad and to be a part of the community. will contribute to the project plan. The activities should be capable of supporting the social, cultural and educational harmony of foreign students. Other partners will also participate in different eTwinning projects that will contribute to the integration of these students.Teachers and students will respond to questionnaires.Each  school  will assign the participant teachers.


Differences are our wealth. In today's education system, turning differences into an opportunity is a universal and priority issue. Each child is in a different world. Areas of interest and learning methods are different. The visuals of the board will be shared on the project website and on the websites of the schools. The coordination of these activities will be carried out in partnership with partner schools in the eTwinning environment.

- Signing of project contracts with national agencies.

- Romanian school will draw a logo. The logo of the project will be determined by voting among the identified logos.

-Information conferences will be held with participant teachers about the meeting in Turkey


Şeb-i Arus Events.( Celebrating Mevlana’s wedding day)

 The theme of the Şeb-i Arus activities in honor of the famous  philosopher and mystic poet Mevlana, who lived in Konya, called the night of his death as wedding night, is love, tolerance and respect for differences. These themes coincide with our project one by one. All partners will decide which of Mevlana’s theme they will choose among  love, tolerance and respect for differences for their activities. They will share visuals of these events with other partners. It will also be shared on the project website and e-twinning portal.




DATE: 12-2019

OPERATING TIME: 5 DAYS (+ 2 days travel time to be added)

 Migration and Migration Psychology Education-Love-Respect-Tolerance Education

Migration and Migration Psychology Education-Love-Respect-Tolerance Trainings; The aim of the course is to make  the participant teachers aware of psychology of immigrants and develop new approaches to their harmony and education within the framework of respect for differences , love and tolerance

During 5-day training in Turkey ;Zeki ALTINDAG  Primary School° Circolo Didattico Garibaldi, 3rd Primary school of Tirnavos CEIP ANDRÉS GARCÍA SOLER, Scoala Gimnazial the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" will participate the organisition.

- Day 1: Attitude scale questionnaire will be applied to the immigrant students. Workshop will be conducted in which participant teachers share their work, good practices and new approaches with immigrant students. Lesson plans will be prepared together.

- Day 2: Migration Psychology Seminar and Questionnaire,

Observation Study of  Sille REGION  where different Ancient Civilizations had lived

3. Day: The participant teachers will watch the activities prepared by the immigrant students and other students in Zeki Altındağ Primary School. The students will perform songs, drama performances and poetry presentations.

- Day 4: Participant  teachers will  attend to the Mevlana's Seb-i Arus ceremony in Mevlana museum

- Day 5: Surveys will be done at the end of the training. Project Diary content plan will be prepared together. In all cultures and religions.It is advised to respect all human beings so respect for people and positive communication empathy can be provided.Empathy; Listening and understanding;         We will listen the emotions and thoughts of people who have migrated and learning the empathic approach will empower the person spiritually. The themes of the ŞEB-İ ARUS ceremonies in December are the activities of love, tolerance and respect for human beings. In particular, every child deserves unconditional acceptance and love. Participation in Şeb-i Arus activities, a Sille trip with different civilizations, different worship centers, empathy and respect for differences studies will guide teachers in recognizing, understanding and planning educational activities by this way.

 Activities will be recorded in the project log and that will support  the 'Project Based Work' culture in the institutions and will motivate the members of the institution in the following years. The cultural evenings will be held every evening, so that cultural acquaintance and intimacy will be ensured. 


E-twinning studies will support training activities. E-twinning portal will be used actively in parallel with the project activities before, during and after the project.

In e-twinning portal:

- Project works will be planned via live webinars. The webinars are supposed to be held between the classes, the students will meet eachother and also

Children will be motivated to learn a different foreign language.

- The migration themed studies of all the students will be shared in E-twinning environment.

- 'Mevlana Thought Philosophy' based on love, respect and tolerance will be introduced through written and visual works in e-twinning portal.

-The e-twinning portal will be used for questionnaires and attitude scales prepared for teachers and students.

- School, country, cultural descriptions will be in e-twinning portal, partnership and separation of the

works process will be strengthened and




- Participant teachers; They will develop a more empathic perspective on migration and migrant psychology and develop more effective and planned approaches to students.

- By sharing good practices in the integration of immigrant students, they will be more competent, more willing and motivated to work with these students.

- Observation visits in the Mevlana cultural center and the Sille region will guide and encourage the teachers  feel empathy and respect for differences  , understand and plan educational activities for immigrant students.

- Project diary study will reinforce and develop Project Based Work culture in the partner schools and thanks to Project diary , the positive impacts of sharing the best practices of the project will reach more schools and teachers in many schools in your cities.

-Students will understand that many people in different parts of the world experience similar emotions due to migration, and they are not alone.

- The immigrant students who the society respect and accept will grow new generations confidently with the awareness that they are a part of that society.

- In the schools of the partner countries there will be an environment that respects the differences  of all people and this environment will serve the development of the institutions within the framework of their strategic plans.

- Zeki Altındağ Primary School, which has received the E-Twinning quality label, will support other partner schools by founding and leading E-twinning studies and will be a guide and model for the active and efficient use of the E-twinning environment.

- Other schools will be supported in the development of e-twinning.

 P EVENTS (Each partner will apply in their own country)


Partner country schools immigrant students and other students will prepare new year celebration cards and send them to each other. This activity will enhance their feelings of love, respect and friendship.

Partner countries’ participant teachers will share their achievements with their colleagues in their own schools and some other schools  in their neighborhood.


A drama activity including songs, poems and nursery rhymes will be drawn.These songs and nursery rhymes are for  the foreign students and  that will support the process of learning the language more quickly. With the presentation of children, drama activities will be  prepared in each participant school. Thus, students' self-confidence in language will be increased. Sample videos will be prepared from the activities and shared on eTwinning portal and the project website.

- Information meetings will be held about the training that will be in the Romanian school in April.




DATE: 04-2020

OPERATING TIME: 5 DAYS (+ 2 days travel time to be added)

Language Education of Immigrant Students

5-day training will be held at the Scoala Gimnaziala 'Alexandru Loan Cuza School in Romania about Language Education of Immigrant Students.  We aim to support immigrant students  learn the language of the country in which they live, while preserving their native language.It’s  planned to develop new teaching methods and tools to improve students' basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening and this wil help for developing awareness of tolerance, respect differences and discriminate and to eliminate prejudice. It is essential to exchange experiences withall international partners to develop and invent student-centered teaching methods and tools. The most important element of this  concept is discovering the content, respecting the personality of the student and engaging all students into the system by associating this content with the themes that interest the student or  the things that play a big role in his / her daily life. These features are going to raise the level of literacy and encourage,strengthen communication skills and competencies in the mother and foreign language.Besides it is going to develop a sense of confidence to solve problems and promote teamwork. In addition, students will have developed tolerance to diversity and ability create motivation for lifelong learning.These are all among the aims of education.

5-day training plan:

Day 1: Seminar: Participant teachers will identify the reasons that make it difficult for students of other nationalities to integrate into the education system of the countries they come from. The seminar will be given by the school guidance counselor teacher and each partner country will present the applications of language teaching of immigrant students in their schools.

2 nd day: Workshop: Modern methods, didactic games, integration techniques of immigrant students will be studied with the participant teachers.

3 rd day. Student Activities: The activities prepared by immigrant students and other students will attend under the assistance of participant teachers. Students will make presentations of songs, poems and dramas in Romany,English and in their native tongue.

Day 4: Presentation: Roll method: This method, which is a solution-oriented method for obtaining minimum competences in understanding texts by students from another nationality, will be presented by the teachers of the school.

Day 5: Evaluation of LTT activity,new techniques and good practices for immigrant students to learn the language of the country in which they live will be evaluated together and which topics should be included in the e-book content will be determined. Lesson plans will be prepared.

-Every evening there will be a cultural evening for the promotion of a countries and schools.


 We aim to create a real school partnership project, so we want to take advantage of its impact and spread the results to promote it. At the beginning of the project, we used the eTwinning and School Education Gateway to share our project ideas and find some friends we could work with. These tools have been very helpful for all of us, because we have found that the implementation of our ideas and activities is useful and interesting. In order to share our project’ results and outputs in these digital sources, we aim to use these two platforms during and after the project implementation.

Through E-Twinning, we will organize a video conference to share the same goals to other schools. After the ETwinning activity, there will be a platform where we will share the results in the form of photos, videos, links or. During and after the workshop, each teacher will share what they have learned with their students in the form of posters, photos, videos, links or embedded content. These shared activities will be a resource for all partners in E-twinning. In addition, it is planned to propose and plan some activities related to education in E-twinning portal. These events include:

-Preparing, sharing  presentation videos of poems, songs and nursery rhymes in the process of learning a new foreign language

-Teachers exchange ideas by making webinars in E-twinning portal

-E-twinning portal for students to chat using English as interlanguage

These will be the activities that support Language Education in the Romanian school.


-The ability to speak the language of the society is the most basic requirement and need for a person. With the training,the participant teachers will gain competence thanks to more professional methods and techniques .

- That training will enable participant teachers and students to develop greater sensitivity to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity and support the elimination of prejudices.

- Participant teachers' organizational skills will be improved, their self-confidence will increase and their teaching satisfaction and motivation will be raised to a higher level.

-The participant teachers and students will gain digital competences as well as language skills.

- Exchanging experiences with colleagues to eliminate discrimination will also improve the problem-solving skills of the teachers. Teachers with improved problem-solving skills will take more responsibility - Demonstrations and presentations made by immigrant students with other students in the school will strengthen their relations, accelerate their language development, and strengthen their feelings of working and helping together.

- Learning the Role Method, a new technique, will provide teachers with important skills in improving their reading comprehension skills.

With the sharing of good practices, teachers' motivation and habits will develop, sharing, learning from each other, working together on other projects in the future.

-The participant teachers and students will develop awareness of the new and different language learning and gain a strong and motivated perspective on the advantages of language learning.

- With cultural evenings to be held every evening, participant teachers will increase their awareness and motivation in recognizing different cultures, recognizing common values ​​and creating new common values ​​for a healthy growing Europe.

P EVENTS (Each partner will apply in their own country)


Aid Campaigns: Aid is one of the most important values ​​that develops trust among people. Many of the immigrants have difficulty in meeting their basic needs as they leave their assets in their countries. A child whose basic requirements are not met cannot be expected to be happy, effective and productive at school. Each partner country’s participant teachers will organize a charity campaign in consultation with other teachers and administration. These benefits may be directed to the personal and school needs of children. Appropriate aid will be provided.

-Romania education will be evaluated with webinar.


Nature Trips and Picnics: Immigrant students from each participant country school will be taken to nature trips and picnics with their other friends at the school. In the event, the photographs will be shared on the project website, on the schools website and in the eTwinning portal.





  2019 - 2020: Second Year's Mobility and Activities




DATE: 09-2020

OPERATING TIME: 5 DAYS (+ 2 days travel time to be added)

Immigrant Students' Hobbies through Art Activities

The 5-day training will be held in Greece. The subject of the training is: Activities for Providing Migrant Students with Hobbies through Art. Art activities are impressive, entertaining and developing activities in children's lives. The aim of the education is to support the integration of immigrant students by gaining hobbies through art activities.

Day 1: A seminar on 'Arts and Hobbies in Children's World' will be given to the participant teachers by the school's visual arts teacher, music teacher and psychological counselor teacher. The seminar will be in the form of lecture, visual presentation, question-answer and demonstration.

Day 2: Traditional Dances

We will introduce two traditional Greek dances (sirtos sta tria, kalamatianos) to our partners. We will create a dance group from all the partner schools, show them the steps and rhythm of the dance and teach them. Each partner country school of these dances will teach a short section of their students when they return to school and these examples will be shared and followed.

Day 3: Shadow theater "Karagiozis" activities;

We will create and build a few shadow theater figures and then perform a short theatrical performance of Karagiozis as the hero who speaks Greek and English. The main theme of the theater performance will be 'Our Differences'.

Day 4: Painting Activities

Participant teachers and students in the visual arts workshop; join drawing and painting activities with the help of teachers. A painting exhibition will be opened consists of the works carried out together in education with the sample visual works taken from the partner country schools. Videos related to the exhibition will be recoreded and used for promotion and dissemination activities.

Day 5: Music Activities

We will write a representative Greek song with Latin characters and try to sing it with partner schools. The song files will be shared on our school website and on the website we created for the needs of the project. At the meeting, the importance of art in bringing hobbies to children will be evaluated together and good practices will be shared. Lesson plans related to art activities will be prepared together in each partner school. The contents of the book 'Children's Games and Hobbies' will be determined together.


The e-twinning portal will be actively used throughout the project. The activities that will support the content of the training is going to be carried out by all partners planned and active in preparation, planning, implementation, evaluation and dissemination activities. The e-twinning portal provides a reliable and technically-equipped environment for all shares.

Some of the activities to be done in e-twinning:

- Details of the webinars will be planned in the e-twinning portal and the division of labor and ideas will be exchanged. These exchanges will develop a culture of learning from one to another between teachers and students.

- One month of art activities will be worked together with all partner country schools in the planning of the month.

-These activities will be shared in e-twinning portal and a sufficent activity archive will be created for the teacher by this way. An e-twinning page of the project will include an art and hobby club. Teachers and students will be able to access all kinds of activities easily .


- They will realize the importance of art activities and hobbies in the harmony and development of the child more strongly. They will gain the ability to support immigrant students more professionally.

- Through seminars and workshops, they will become more aware of the unifying and healing power of art and they will be motivated to work more planned while working with immigrant students.

- Teachers who participate in seminars and workshops with immigrant students will have the opportunity to see and evaluate students' reactions during the studies.

- With the exchange of good practices, teachers will learn from each other, share, exchange ideas, their skills will improve and their motivation will increase.

All students will feel part of a joint effort and that is going to reduce social, cultural and economic differences.

-The students who work together will develop love, respect and friendship feelings.

-The students' self-confidence will improve with the exhibition activity.

- The shadow theater will be impressive in terms of both the promotion of culture and the development of children's sense of humor. Social messages through humor will be more impressive and reinforcing for children.

-The participant teachers will discover the tendencies and talents of children with what they have learned and will contribute positively to the creation of a healthier, prosperous, entertaining and inspiring educational environment within the institution.

-When they reach more institutions and colleagues through dissemination efforts, the positive effects of the project will reach more students.

-The participant teachers will be able to guide the families in providing hobbies to the children and the positive effects will reach the family.

-Cultural promotional evenings will be introduced between the institutions, and the motivation of working  together in other projects will develop for the future.





DATE: 02-2021

OPERATING TIME: 5 DAYS (+ 2 days travel time to be added)

Sports and Play Activities Training in the Adaptation of Immigrant Students

The 5-day training will take place in Italy. The subject of the training is Sport and Play Activities in the Adaptation of Immigrant Students. T eachers want to acquire students the ability to actively plan and implement sports and play activities ,support and improve students. 5-day training plan:

Day 1: A workshop will be held with participant teachers on Children, Sports and Games. Sports and Psychological Counselor teachers will lead the workshop. The knowledge of the importance of sport and play in the physical, social and psychological development of children aged 6-10 years will be discussed and the all good practices will be shared and listed by all participant teachers.

Day 2: There will be a day of playing activities in the school gym. The gym teacher of the school will play with a group of participant teachers, immigrant students and other students; Children's games that have already been sent instructions will be played together. The games will be examples of traditional children's games belonging to the age group of 6-10, from the countries of the participant countries These games will then be recored and shared with partner country schools.

Day 3: Observation work will be held in a sports club in Italy with participant teachers and a group of students. The authorities will be informed about the sports activities to be done at an early age and the healing and developing aspects of the sports. This information will be included in the brochures of teachers and parents for dissemination.

Day 4: Two athletes who are successful in different fields will have interviews with teachers and students at the school. Participant teachers and children will answer questions about sports. The event will be held in the school meeting room.

Day 5: The workshop, observation visits and activities will be evaluated together with the participantting teachers. The data related to the sports and which subjects will be included in the brochures will be determined together.

 Lesson plans on 'Sport and Game', which will be implemented in each partner country school, will be prepared jointly by the participants teachers.

-Each evening, there will be cultural evenings in which one of the participant country will hold promotions .


During the project, the e-twinning portal will be actively used. In the studies before, during and after the country training, the application evaluation of ​​local and joint activities will be e-twinning portal. The subject of the project will be updated in accordance with the objectives and will be continued with the participation of partner countries and different partners.

Some activities that are planned in accordance with the purpose of education in e-twinning portal:

E-twinning will be the kitchen of the project as a reliable platform where the planning, operation and results of the project can be discussed via webinars.

- A student survey will provide data on the importance of sports and games in children's lives.

Information about the sports that children of -6-10 age group enjoy and some pictures will be prepared by the students and shared in e-twinning portal.

- Each partner country school will share videos of children's games that children enjoy playing in

e-twinning .With these shares, a rich content sports and game club environment will be created for teachers and children in e-twinning .

-The materials in the twinspace related to the activities in the country education will contribute to the promotion and dissemination of the project.

- The positive effects of the project will reach more teachers, students and institutions through e-twinning.

-The e-twinning portal will be an important and reliable opportunity for the development, enlargement and sustainability of the project.


-The participant teachers will learn the importance of sports and games in children's life with different dimensions and will be able to guide the adaptation of immigrant students by using this advantage actively.

-The games that participant teachers play together with the children themselves will be an important opportunity for them to observe children better. It will be recognized that sport and games are an important opportunity to establish effective communication and trust with children.

- Through observation studies, teachers and students will feel the impact of play and sport more strongly for their life energy and will increase their physical activities in their daily lives.

- Listening to meeting successful people who come to the forefront with sporting personalities; will be motivating and guiding for teachers and children in their future plans.

-With the studies done, the effects of the game and sport on body-soul health, friendship, experiencing success and universal unifying power will be realized. Games and sports will be used more actively in schools. Especialy immigrant students will be included in these activities in a planned manner and the adaptation process will be facilitated.

Cultural evenings will be provided with interspecific meeting and rapprochement, and the desire and motivation to work together in different projects will increase in the future.


P EVENTS (Each partner will apply in their own country)


Traditional children's games will be held at each partner country school and planning and working process will take place in the eTwinning portal. Each school will choose a game from their own countries or one of the countries of foreign students’. (Parental assistance can be obtained) This game will be brought into instruction by the rules. Children will be taught and played in a mixed group game. Rules and instructions of the game will be shared with other participant countries. In other countries, they will be able to teach this game to mixed groups in their schools. The instructions and visuals of the games will be shared on the project website, on the websites of the schools and in the eTwinning .


April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, the only Children's Day in the world, will be celebrated with different activities in each partner country school. Turkey Zeki Çankaya Primary School Feast event video will be shared with all partner schools. When children in partner country schools are involved in the festival enthusiasm, their feelings of respect, love, respect and tolerance will strengthen. Festive events and impressions will be shared on eTwinning, the project website, schools web pages, local and social media.


A sports tournament will be held at each partner country school. The schools will organize sports tournaments in accordance with their physical conditions with the mixed teams they have established together with immigrant students and other students. Fighting as a team for the same goal in the tournament will strengthen the friendship relationship between the children. This activity will strengthen the self-esteem and belonging feelings of immigrant students and other students. The plans about tournament, news and visuals will be shared in the eTwinning portal ,on the project website, on the school's web pages, on local and social media.

-The preparation and information meeting will be held for the participant teachers about Spain education.





DATE: 06-2021

OPERATING TIME: 5 DAYS (+ 2 days travel time to be added)

Inclusive Education

The purpose of this activity; The training of teachers on the adaptation and education of immigrant students. Inclusive education is a prejudice-free approach that promotes openness to multiculturalism, includes pedagogical approaches, offers a culture of values ​​the benefits of diversity, resists xenophobia or racism. There will be 4 participant teachers from each partner country.

5-day training plan:

1st and 2nd Day: Seminar will be held by the responsible psychological counselor teachers in Murcia region about inclusive education. The seminar will be held in take two days in the two sessions. In the afternoon, the sessions will be evaluated, a plan for the seminar will be given to teachers in different country schools and good practices will be listed.

 In this seminar;

- Migrants' right to education: Reducing bureaucracy and removing barriers. Fast integration into the national education system.

- Stress and traumatism recognition techniques.

- Approaches and applications of host countries to language problems of immigrant students

- Non-curriculum activities

- Bridge programs, support programs, cross-cultural education as a cross-theme, inclusive methodology will be covered in all aspects. The seminar will be in the form of visual presentation, lecture, question and answer.

Day 3: Observation visit will be made at CEPAIM which has extensive experience in working with migrants and information will be taken from authorized persons.

Day 4: Activities prepared by the school students will be monitored. The theme of the activities will be 'Differences'.

Day 5: Observation work will be conducted in the association "Cazalla Intercultural", an association that conducts many programs for the participation of immigrant children and young people. They will inform the participant teachers about their recent completed as Com-Pass Er Erasmus + projects for immigrant students.


E-Twinning portal will be used actively during the whole project process. Through E Twinning, a video conference event will be organized to explain the same goals to other schools. The e-twinning portal will be actively used as it is a secure environment for sharing events. The e-twinning provides the most advanced and most technically feasible opportunities for planning, introducing the KA 229 project and performing the division of labor.

E Twinning will be a portal in which we will share results, photos, videos, links after activities. During the project, we will participate in the e-twinning activities of the project as a partner country school. The e-twinning activities that we plan in parallel with our education in e-twinning portal are as follows:

- Planning of training content and division of labor will be done with webinars in e-twinning.

- Activities will be shared with immigrant students in the e-twinning.

- New approaches and good practices will be shared and evaluated in chat interviews and webinars.

-The subject of ‘’diversity is wealth ‘’will be planned and shared as e-twinning poster and slogan works.

-The activities of special,important days and values ​​specific to the cultures will be celebrated together in the e-twinning and videos and visuals of the celebrations will be published.

- Sharing of immigrant students about their own countries and cultures in e-twinning will improve the diversity, mutual respect and tolerance in the project.

-As a E-Twiinning School label awarded the school; Other schools will be supported in developing e-twinning activities.


We believe that this activity can bring great improvements to the teaching work of the participant European teachers. Participant teachers with inclusive education;

-Will gain competence in identifying immigrant students' problems.

- Participant teachers will learn inclusive education in all aspects of the seminar on inclusive education, and will be able to work actively and efficiently with immigrant students and all students in the school.

-Will be able to gain knowledge and attitudes in order to recognize the problems of immigrant students, evaluate the student as a whole with his family,background and environment, and plan solution-oriented studies thanks to the observations and given information by CEPAIM and Cazalla Intercultural board.

- Monitoring the activities of immigrant students and other students will highlight the importance of teachers' attitudes towards uniting children. Develop awareness on managing diversity and multiculturalism in institutions.

- Recognize the factors that develop migrant children and the factors that ensure their healthy adaptation.

- Evaluate and develop inclusive methodologies that provide a high degree of prosperity to students.

- Participant teachers will recognize the education system of a different country and their cultural background will be enriched. With this experience, they will recognize the common and different elements of Spain's cultural heritage.

The event will also be very useful for Andrés García Soler School teachers who will be able to share their ideas, methodologies, experiences, teaching-learning models with their European partners for a few days and strengthen their ties while they live and work. Participant teachers will be motivated to cooperate in the field of education and to share good practices in the future.

P EVENTS (Each partner will apply in their own country)


Spanish education evaluation will be carried out. That will be finished in this way ,Evaluation of all activities, determination of sustainable aspects of the project, preparation of end-of-project report of all participant schools. Positive and negative studies are indicated along with their causes and results. In the e-twinning portal the whole project process will be evaluated with the partner schools. The final report of each school will be written in the final report of the project. The sustainable aspects of the project will be indicated in the final report.




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